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About the Lady

Lady J Jewelry is created and made in Brooklyn by award-winning and certified by 'Brooklyn Made' designer & metalsmith Jessica D'Amico, in the Crown Heights storefront, Lady J +1, which doubles as her studio. Jessica produces jewelry and sculpture of the highest quality by utilizing artisanal methods, tools and materials. Each piece she designs is carefully hand-crafted and ethically made by using local suppliers for her raw materials to produce one-of-a-kind, 'of a kind' or on-demand pieces. Each piece of jewelry created by Jessica is made with intention and a homage to all things made by hand in a world where products are increasingly mass produced and with unclear origins of materials or production methods. Lady J Jewelry is best known for sourcing unusual, ethically-mined rare gem stones & minerals. Jessica hand sources each stone in Tucson every year for a fresh selection.

Lady J Jewelry often seamlessly incorporated elements in her designs that are inspired by the ancient Alchemy symbols, music and the transformative Tarot. These themes yield designs that are at once sculptural and sophisticated, edgy and elegant, bold and dynamic  The store, Lady J +1 in Crown Heights, has become Brooklyn's first fashion boutique founded exclusively to cultivate indie local artisans, showcasing an ever-growing cast of cutting-edge, indie artists from various locales that offer non-mass produced, responsibly-made, sustainable art & fashion. 


Jessica D'Amico of Lady J Jewelry