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SELECTED Morphologically Candles
SELECTED Morphologically Candles
SELECTED Morphologically Candles
SELECTED Morphologically Candles

Morphologically Candles






Palo Santo has been used for centuries as a spiritual remedy for purifying, cleansing, and clearing negative energy and creating good fortune. When it is paired with this elegant, dark, aged Patchouli, which is richer and mellower than most, you have a blend that harnesses the earth’s energy, creating an inviting physical and spiritual experience. This blend welcomes in prosperity, abundance and the embodiment of desires.


Energetically Cleansing

Palo Santo has been revered for centuries as a spiritual remedy to purify, aid in meditation and enhance creativity. This blend's clearing qualities are uplifted by the mood elevating and aphrodisiac natures of Rosewood & Bergamot. 

Hinoki Cypress:


Woodsy Hinoki essential oil comes from the heartwood of the Japanese cypress. One of the Five Sacred Trees of Kiso, it has been used historically to energize and uplift the mind. Adding blood orange aids relaxation during periods of agitation. Hinoki brings in grounding earth elements and adds to the meditative nature of this mixture. Bloodorange and sandlewood

Scent: Smoky evergreen wood, with a center of bright citrus, finishing with a rich deep sweet heartwood.


First light of your pure soy wax candle: burn until the wax is completely liquefied to the edge of the glass and keep wick trimmed to 1/4"; this avoids tunneling, which shortens the life of your candle, and excessive smoke. Burning fully edge to edge whenever possible is recommended.

100 hours, 13 oz. - $39