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SELECTED Anima Mundi Charm
SELECTED Anima Mundi Charm
SELECTED Anima Mundi Charm

Anima Mundi Charm




Just the charm here, ready to hang on your own chain or one or ours. 

The Anima Mundi Charm is a message from the cosmos about the intrinsic connection between all living beings  and the world’s soul. A spiritual principle having the same relation to the physical world as the human soul does to the human body; the animating force of the world. Wear this ring as a conscious reminder on how we are all connected to each other, the earth and the cosmos.

The anima Mundi charm is handmade out of silver and approximately 15mm in radius. anima Mundi is engraved twice on the charm. Layers nicely with other charms you may have. 

***chain not included