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SELECTED Morphologically Palo Santo

Morphologically Palo Santo




Burning Palo Santo, also known as Holy Wood, provides an uplifting scent traditionally used to create space for meditation, enhancing creativity and bringing good fortune.

The Palo Santo is infused with Bergamot, Palo Santo and other clarifying essential oils.

To get the most from your Infused wood once lit, hold it upright and blow on it till you see an ember catch, then blow it out. Due to the volatility of essential oils, the Palo Santo will want to burn quickly, containing the flame with breath will preserve each one longer.

5 infused sticks in a reusable burlap bag.

In South America, Palo santo wood is a revered spiritual botanical. Ethically sourced and wild harvested, it is burned to keep energy clear of negativity and grounded. Creating space for meditation, enhanced creativity and relaxation. 


Exercise caution when working with fire.