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SELECTED Herkimer Necklace
SELECTED Herkimer Necklace

Herkimer Necklace




The Herkimer Necklace  features a hand selected herkimer (each one is a little different) with a fine silver bezel. The herkimer hangs on a 18" silver chain with a lobster claw style clasp.

a little bit about The Collection Rising Star:

Deep in the Malmani Dolomites, part of the cradle of Humankind a world Heritage Site in South Africa, lies the Rising Star Cave system. In 2013, an expedition unearthed 1,500 fossils identified as belonging to a perviously unknown early human relative named Homo Naledi. The discovery & excavation has served as the inspiration for the collectionRising Star by Lady J Jewelry Designs.

The understanding of early human evolution in Africa, and particularly how these extinct species deposited their dead within the cave, made for an intriguing subject matter for this collection. Tiny as they may be, each bone and fossil fragment provides another clue to the mystery of the Rising Star fossils and how the archeologists, who laid out the bones in a puzzle like manner, deepened my curiosity and influenced the designs.