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SELECTED Black Quartz Charm

Black Quartz Charm




Add a black quartz charm to your customizable necklace. Available in 3 different sizes*, all have a sterling silver loop to add on to one of our chains or to your favorite necklace. 

Black Quartz is a powerful stone with purifying energies and the vibration.  It can be used for balancing all chakras and meridians. It can also be used for very powerful energy grids and deep spiritual meditation. Also excellent for dissolving energy blockages and purifying energies, this makes it superb for protection of the aura or an environment. Wearing or carrying this type of quartz will cleanse the aura and protect it from negative influences, as well as helping ground the wearer.

*Pictured is a large example measuring approx. 1 1/2" x 1/2" (including silver loop). The small necklace sample quartz shown is approx. 1/2". Please note because of the nature of the stone, each will differ slightly in appearance.