Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I order any piece of jewelry in any metal?

A: Most likely. We do custom orders in gold, white gold, platinum and vermeil. Please send your request to


Q: What's vermeil?

A: Vermeil is gold platting over silver. It is a quality plating because of the strong chemical bond between the silver and gold. All of our jewelry is electroplated, making it extra durable. 


Q: Where do you get your raw materials and stones from?

A: It is of the utmost importance to us that we get silver, gold, and semi precious stones from reputable sources and conflict free areas. We do mostly all of our design and production in-house and support other local vendors in the NYC area when purchasing raw materials. Additionally, we recycle all of our metal scraps and use consensus studio practices.


Q: I bought a piece of jewelry and I noticed that it started to tarnish, what should I do?

A: The best way to clean your jewelry is with a silver polishing cloth. Generally, the more you wear your jewelry the more polished looking the silver will remain. However, some peoples skin may react with silver and produce a tarnish that can be cleaned with a silver polishing cloth. If a piece of jewelry is not worn for awhile it may tarnish by nature over time. Taking care of your jewelry regularly goes a long way in preventing build-up that may be harder to clean with time. I also recommend keeping a piece of chalk in your jewelry box to absorb oxides.


Q: How can I figure out my ring size?

A: Use a piece of string or strip of paper no wider than 3/4". Wrap it around the base of the appropriate finger and slide it off the finger. Use a pen to mark the point on the string/paper where it overlaps, forming a complete circle. Using a ruler lay out the paper or string, on a ruler and measure in millimeters, the length from the starting end of the string/paper to the pen mark. Check out the conversion chart of millimeters to ring size. Please note that this is an approximate way to measure your ring size. 


Ring Size 5 =49.2mm

Ring Size 5.5 =50.5mm

Ring Size 6 =51.8mm

Ring Size 6.5 =53.1mm

Ring Size 7 =54.3mm


Q: What is your shipping policy & how soon can I expect to receive my order?

A: Retail shipping varies on the weight of the item. We ship via USPS and UPS. We can expedite shipping but best to call the store directly if you need something sent 2-day. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted and special attention is paid to every detail before the piece is shipped out. Please allow 7-10 days for your package to arrive.  Gift Wrapping: All jewelry is packaged in a velvet bag, with a polishing cloth for care, wrapped in our signature box cinched with a ribbon all free of charge. A gift message may be included in your order, please email us at


Q: What is your website purchase return policy and do you offer repairs?

A: All products shipped outside of Brooklyn, NY, except custom made items (this includes sized-to-fit rings), may be returned or exchanged within 14 days of receipt. Items shipped to Brooklyn, NY must be exchanged at the Lady J Plus One store or returned for store credit only.

Items purchased in-store (in Brooklyn) are non-refundable and may only be exchanged for store credit or a like replacement.

All sale items are final sale and not returnable.

To return or exchange an item, please email us at and include your order number, or simply reply to directly from your purchase-confirmation-receipt email. We will review your return request and send you instructions on how to proceed.  

Once your return has been received, it will be examined and you will be notified via email about receiving your refund or replacement merchandise.  Lady J Jewelry and Lady J Plus One does not cover the shipping costs for returns/exchanges. 

 If you purchased our jewelry at another retailer, you must adhere to the return policy of the individual store from which you purchased a Lady J Jewelry item.

As for repairs, we stand behind the quality of each piece of jewelry we make. If an item ever becomes damaged, I will be happy to attempt repairs, provided the item is not so damaged as to be beyond repair. Labor and material charges will apply. You must email CustomerService or call 718.783.0011 Mon.-Fri 9am - 5pm eastern standard time to discuss returns or repairs. Additionally, some plated items may need to be replated over time (it's kind of like getting a shoe resoled). We can replate your jewelry with a nominal fee. Plating can take up to 4-6 weeks.


Q: What is your website security and privacy policy?

A: Security is of critical importance to us at Lady J Jewelry Designs. Our Stripe-powered engine provides the highest security. They use proprietary industry-leading encryption technology and constantly innovate to help ensure your transactions are safe.  At Lady J Jewelry Designs we never sell any of your personal information to any third party and hold the highest standards in both security & privacy.


Lady J Jewelry Designs is very committed to making sure that our customers and partners are satisfied. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions.


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