Pith Earrings II


Pith Earrings II


Imperial Jasper on hand sculpted silver bases, boasted colors of avocado greens, golden hues and landscaping patterns all occurring naturally. Silver with silver posts and backs. 

a little bit about Imperial Jasper:

The Naturally occurring, Imperial Jasper is found in the precipitous canyon of Mexico, which is about 50 miles northwest of Guadalajara.

  • Imperial Jasper aids in letting go of the mundane experiences of the life and by uniting its wearer  to the spiritual world, helping to guide the path of spiritualism.
  • It conveys the sense of wholeness in the opinions of its wearer.
  • Imperial Jasper is known to split the universe inside its carrier and the world outside.



highly nurturing, brings peace in times of stress, provides balance, promotes courage and determination, detoxifies, releases addictions and obsessions


Chakra Info:

Imperial Jasper is an eminent spiritual healer that activates all the chakras of the torso including Heart, Sacral, Root as well as the Solar Plexus Chakra. This gem born from a  boulder is whispered to be employed to kindle the Sacral Chakra. Known for its centring eminence, it too protects the carrier from negative views and touches.

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